Volunteer Historian Required To Aid The River Ouse Project

In our capacity as a Sussex nature conservation group some members of The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group support other similar environmental initiatives. One of these is the River Ouse Project. The organisers of the project need a volunteer to fill a special role and have asked if we can assist them by advertising the vacancy which is described below:-

Volunteer Oral Historian wanted for local project in the River Ouse area.

The River Ouse Project is looking for a volunteer to carry out oral history interviews with local farmers. We have appropriate recording equipment. We will provide a series of leading questions to ask the farmer, but we are looking for someone able to draw the conversation out and get the farmer talking. Useful information often arises outside the set questions. We have a small amount of money to cover travel costs, but no on-going funding.

We don’t require a verbatim transcription of the conversation, but would require a summary of the key points and the whole interview would need to be archived. The oral historian would attend Project Team meetings: currently 10am-12noon four mornings a year in Lindfield.

The River Ouse Project combines botanical surveys of meadows in the upper reaches of the River Ouse with historical land-use research. Documents such as the Tithe Award and Dudley Stamp’s Land Use Survey tell us how the meadow was managed in the mid 1800s and 1930s. By interviewing appropriate farmers we can trace the history into the post war period as well as learning more about how the meadow is currently being managed. Please see our website for more information:

<http://www.sussex.ac.uk/riverouse >  If you are interested please email Margaret Pilkington: m.c.pilkington@sussex.ac.uk

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