Meadow Restoration at Pond Lye SNCI Resumes

Restoration of the meadow at Pond Lye SNCI resumed in March. Volunteers gathered to complete the clearance of blackthorn and bramble to re-establish the boundaries of the original meadow. They worked hard and over the weeks that followed achieved the result that we sought. The work required to dispose of the huge piles of cuttings created is continuing with bonfire parties attending weekly to tackle the task.

Other volunteers have turned their attention to improving the quality of the cleared meadow where blackthorn and bramble regrowth requires attention. When this is completed the meadow will be left to flourish during the summer months with the annual meadow cut scheduled to begin at the end of the summer season. This requires many people to cut the meadow, rake the cuttings into stacks and dispose of them in preparation for the following year. In this way we will progressively improve its quality and hopefully create the right conditions for some of the former distinctive flora species that were originally listed when it became an SNCI, to return.


Volunteers resuming the brush clearance.


Huge piles of  brush cuttings are created for eventual burning.

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