Countryside Conservation Observations

During the course of our nature conservation work we witness many intriguing and wonderful sightings which provide us with an added bonus to our effort to improve conditions to help nature to survive. They do not always directly contribute to our projects but provide evidence of countryside assets surrounding us. From time to time we feel we should share these encounters with those around us to allow all to appreciate the beauty of nature. The following pictures are included to achieve this.






The diversity of fungi species are always a sight to behold.







Wild flora species provide an explosion of brilliant colour throughout our countryside.









The insect populations that share our natural environment provide both splendour and considerable value to all of us.


Even our encounters with larger countryside dwelling species generate an inquisitive and friendly response and demonstrate their own natural beauty.

The countryside species around us are distinctly variable but all contribute to our lives and future well-being. Our continuous contact with them whilst performing our conservation projects makes us truly appreciate the wonders of nature. Each has a unique but essential role in supporting continuing life on our planet.

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