Acquisition of knowledge of local countryside.

The Phase 1 Habitat Survey that began in 2004 collected data from every metre of countryside within Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common Parish.

The survey teams meticulously logged all data collected and this was held on paper survey sheets for eventual electronic recording. This was required to create a record for the group and to pass the information to the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.

The software purchased for doing this proved extremely difficult for volunteers to get to grips with and so did not progress as intended. This caused this operation attempted by a succession of volunteers to fail and extend the 6 year collection period still further.

In 2013 when the last person to attempt it and who had begun to make some encouraging progress, had to cease for personal reasons it was decided to employ professional recorders to undertake the task. Grants were obtained from various funding providers to achieve this and the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre was employed to undertake the work.

This was completed in 2015 and a map of the results was finally produced. A record of the species recorded was also produced. Both are re-produced below for information.

This allows Hurstpierpoint & Sayers Common to become one of a small number of parishes in Mid Sussex to have detailed knowledge of their natural environment which assists with nature conservation measures and planning decisions.

Click here to download PDF version The WF&F Group Website 5 Continued – Biodiversity Study Results

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