Current 2017/2018 Winter Activities

The 2017 summer proved very busy with weekly volunteer activity days. This caused a delay in meeting all seasonal activities and as a result the work normally undertaken at Sayers Common Pond was displaced in our schedule. We attempted to catch up at the end of 2017 and worked into December to achieve it. Due to the […]

Fund Raising Appeal

 To: The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group Supporters and other interested parties. We are a voluntary organisation that charges no fee for membership as we feel countryside issues should include every interested person regardless of income. We obtain income to support our nature conservation work from grants and supporters voluntary contributions. This means we seek as many funding […]

Current Volunteer Large Project Activities (Summer).

Volunteer work parties are engaged in weekly project days at a woodland pond in Reeds Lane, Sayers Common until the autumn. The work consists of:- clearance of fallen and overhanging trees and brush, clearing the pond of unwanted vegetation, removing the leaf silt that has accumulated over many decades, planting indigenous pond plant species and, […]

Current Volunteer Large Project Activities (Winter)

From October until April each year working parties undertake meadow restoration and brush clearance activities at Pond Lye SNCI. The same procedures and requirements listed for the Sayers Common woodland pond project days apply for this work. The work period is through months of colder weather so suitable warm clothing should be worn. Volunteers work […]