More Woodlands Investigated For Dormice

Our group is progressively investigating all local woodlands to discover whether they have a dormouse presence. This was started many years ago and has been progressing each year with a further one or two woodlands annually having temporary dormouse tubes fitted. Where a presence is found permanent boxes will be fitted. This year, having fitted some […]

Dormouse Boxes Erected

Following the discovery of a dormouse presence in local woodlands as a result of an investigation using dormouse tubes, permanent wooden boxes have been fitted. This investigation has been going on for many years to establish how many of our local woodlands still retain a dormouse population as the species is in serious decline. They mostly now only exist in […]

Meadow Restoration at Pond Lye SNCI Resumes

Restoration of the meadow at Pond Lye SNCI resumed in March. Volunteers gathered to complete the clearance of blackthorn and bramble to re-establish the boundaries of the original meadow. They worked hard and over the weeks that followed achieved the result that we sought. The work required to dispose of the huge piles of cuttings […]

Waitrose Community Matters Scheme Result

To: The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group Supporters and other interested parties. We wrote to our supporters and other interested parties in January appealing for support to help us in the Community Matters Scheme run by Waitrose Supermarket in Burgess Hill where we were one of the beneficiaries. We are as you are aware, a voluntary organisation that […]

Frog Death Crisis In Our Local Countryside

The arrival of warmer weather has prompted breeding activities in our local population of common frogs. This has prompted them to travel to find suitable mates to source the next generation of the species. This is a natural event and occurs annually.   A Common Frog (Rana temporaria). This year however, the migration of frogs […]