Frog Death Crisis In Our Local Countryside

The arrival of warmer weather has prompted breeding activities in our local population of common frogs. This has prompted them to travel to find suitable mates to source the next generation of the species. This is a natural event and occurs annually.   A Common Frog (Rana temporaria). This year however, the migration of frogs […]

An Illustrated Talk on April 9th 2018

Amanda Millar, the local wildlife conservationist is giving an illustrated talk on Monday, April 9th entitled ‘Gardening for Pollinators’. The talk begins at 7.30pm and is to be held in The Club Room, Village Centre, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9UY.   A busy bee working tirelessly for our benefit. Amanda dedicates much of her life […]

Barn Owls Find Sanctuary In Our Boxes.

The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group Owl Team completed the group’s barn owl box maintenance during the winter months. It took an extremely long time as we had so much wet weather that selecting dry days between for cleaning, painting and repairing any damage made it very difficult. Due to the diverse locations and the amount of […]

Tawny Owl Box Problems.

We have recently undertaken the winter maintenance on all tawny owl boxes erected by our group in woodlands across the local countryside. The majority were installed in 2007 and were initially very successful. Many tawny owls were found roosting in the boxes and benefitting from the shelter provided. Sometimes they were found consuming frogs and other […]

Winter Bat Box Activity

During our very successful inspection of bat roosting and hibernation boxes in the late summer of 2017 we found one hibernation box which was obviously occupied by hornets. The presence of the large insects kept the inspection team a respectful distance away. The presence was noted and plans made to revisit the box in the winter when […]