Net Gain for Nature Continues

The Government’s current policy for all new development to achieve a biodiversity net gain of 10% should be reassuring to those who are anxious about the loss of our natural environment and our dwindling wildlife. In practice it means less, for bringing human habitation closer to whatever close-proximity measures like small areas dedicated to nature […]

Another Boost For Local Bats.

The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group is continuously seeking ways to enhance the survival prospects of local wildlife and when funds become available we undertake new initiatives. At the end of last year we provided bat boxes in a Hassocks woodland with a generous donation towards the total cost from the owner. This increased the […]

Back to working for nature.

Once more coronavirus ‘lockdown’ restrictions are eased gradually and we are able to turn our attention to the seasonal activities that have been delayed. Normally we return to the small nature reserve called Talbot Field in the winter months to control the brush that has developed. Bramble and other unwanted brush continuously appears and needs […]

Fungal Reflections

With the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions preventing any group activity in the early months of 2021, we take a moment to reflect on the natural beauty provided by fungi in our countryside and share some of the images we have previously collected. It is not intended to provide identification of individual species which is adequately covered […]

Owl Box Maintenance Gets Tougher.

With national coronavirus pandemic restrictions ebbing and flowing like a tide on the seashore, we faced a dilemma about undertaking our seasonal maintenance on our scores of barn owl boxes whilst conforming to all Government restrictions.     All owl boxes in our conservation area are visited during the winter.   This maintenance is extremely […]