Nature Reserve Restoration Completed

In the early months of this year all work to restore Talbot Field Nature Reserve was completed. Volunteers worked hard to clear all unwanted brush in readiness for the onset of spring and the appearance of the new flora growth now released from the canopy that restrained it. With the new growth in the cleared reserve comes the exciting prospect that new species can be introduced to enrich the area for nature.


The conclusion of the restoration work in the early months of this year.


This picture shows the thick under-storey of bramble which was originally spreading outwards from the trees across the reserve.


This was progressively removed to allow other flora species to flourish.


With the arrival of spring the new woodland carpet of vegetation appears.


The sunshine penetrates the young tree foliage to encourage the released ground flora to re-establish itself.


In the surrounding meadow Lady’s Smock emerges….


….and beneath the trees Bluebells abound. 


No longer battling against bramble for sunlight….


….they take full advantage of their opportunity to flourish again.

Hassocks Parish Council has generously agreed to the purchase of additional bat and bird boxes to increase survival opportunities for wildlife. These will be mounted on existing trees and in the woodland that already provides welcome sanctuary to many bat and bird species which are regularly monitored by The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group.


The local bat population will especially benefit from the provision of this increased roosting habitat.

It cannot be emphasised enough how such areas provide a life-line to dwindling wildlife and flora species in an increasing hostile world for nature. The Parish Council has taken a commendable step towards offsetting this damage for the benefit of us all and deserve our thanks. We look forward to working with them to maximise the natural environmental contribution provided by this small but valuable area.