Pond Lye SNCI Meadow Improvements Continue

Work to improve the meadow at Pond Lye SNCI is continuing. Having completed the brush clearance to expose the meadow to its original boundaries we are now concentrating our attention on improving its quality. This will hopefully allow the return of the distinctive flora species that existed when it was awarded SNCI status in 1992. Volunteers have been working hard to remove excessive ragwort and thistle whilst containing and reducing blackthorn and bramble regrowth in the cleared area. Due to the large size of the meadow, this will be an on-going task for many years until the desired outcome is achieved.

Recently we were joined by conservation volunteers from Brighton who helped with this task and removed hundreds of ragwort and thistle plants with us. These were promptly disposed of on a bonfire. This was a significant help to us and we are very grateful for their assistance. Due to the quantity of such species we can only clear a limited section each year. Those plants remaining therefore have to be cropped before they seed to prevent another wave of seedlings beginning next year. This is especially important with the vigorous spread of thistles and we are attending regularly to keep them in check.

We were recently joined by conservation volunteers from Brighton to assist us.


Ragwort and thistles were removed from a large area.


All removed plants were quickly burnt.