Fund Raising Appeal

 To: The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group Supporters and other interested parties.

We are a voluntary organisation that charges no fee for membership as we feel countryside issues should include every interested person regardless of income.

We obtain income to support our nature conservation work from grants and supporters voluntary contributions.

This means we seek as many funding opportunities as we can.

One of these currently is the Community Matters Scheme in Waitrose Supermarket in Burgess Hill. 

For the month of January 2018 we have been listed as one of the three beneficiaries of their green token scheme to give support to local groups. Customers are given tokens at the checkout for donating to one of the collection boxes near the exit. Each token placed in a group’s box will add to their share of the available funding.

We would be very grateful to anyone who lives near enough and shops in Waitrose, Burgess Hill or for those who shop on line, for any token you feel able to donate to The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group to support our work enhancing countryside and wildlife survival prospects.

Thank you for your help.


Michael Nailard.