Pond Lye SNCI Summer Recess

Our work at Pond Lye SNCI has currently ceased to allow the meadow and it’s indigenous wildlife to flourish during the summer months. This has resulted in a magnificent floral display from the species that exist there.

The only work that continues is the weekly return of a volunteer to cut off any thistles before they seed to prevent complaints from neighbouring properties. Work will resume in the late summer to undertake the annual meadow cut. Below are some of the pictures of the meadow in all its natural glory which sustains a multitude of wildlife species.











































2 thoughts on “Pond Lye SNCI Summer Recess

  1. Well done, it looked stunning today. We only found out about this lake recently and had a walk round there today. What a hidden treasure. Many thanks

    1. Hello Jane,
      Thank you. It has been quite an effort to restore its meadow qualities over many years but it is slowly regaining its former glory. The best way to see it evolve is to join our working parties if you get any free time.
      All our work is by agreement with landowners so it is rarely viewed by the public, although some allow us open days. Which is why we record results in our news sheets and on our website to let people know the general countryside progress we are making. Although the landowner at Pond Lye is currently widening the lake and has temporarily removed fences to allow the work to be carried out, normally the only viewing of Pond Lye is from the public footpath to the south of the lake. They do not allow access to any other area except by prior agreement. We have to notify them in advance of our project days so that when neighbours and others report seeing people on site they know that it is us. This is because the fishing lake has been subjected to severe poaching of fish stock in the past so every unknown person now seen on site is presumed to be undesirable. A pity in some ways but completely understandable from their point of view.
      If you want to receive group news and information of our events why don’t you put your name and contact details on our Register of Interest? It is free to belong and is for your interest only unless you want to additionally participate as a volunteer. For example we our holding a public talk on August 23rd in Hurstpierpoint Village Centre by a well-known speaker entitled ‘Wonder of Yew’ which you would probably find interesting. Although open to everyone, those on the Register get an invitation and talk details forwarded to them in advance. Anyway whatever you decide, thank you for you kind comments.

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