Continuing Dormouse Investigation

Every month between April and November we check all the dormouse presence investigation tubes that we have installed in local woodlands. This is an activity that has to be slotted into our calendar of conservation initiatives. Progressively all woodlands will be checked. The late August investigation did not reveal any definitive signs of dormice but many promising possibilities for later checks. Gnawed nuts, seeds and fruits were found in many of the tubes in one particular location with other clues of a mouse presence evident. Wood mice and yellow-necks compete with dormice for use of the tubes during the summer months and are identified if not present, by the debris left and construction of any nesting material introduced. Hopefully future checks will produce some positive results as in previous years.


Checks for dormice take place every month by a dedicated team of group members.


All results are recorded against each numbered dormouse tube together with their exact location within the wood.

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