Pond Lye SNCI Summer Recess

Our work at Pond Lye SNCI has currently ceased to allow the meadow and it’s indigenous wildlife to flourish during the summer months. This has resulted in a magnificent floral display from the species that exist there. The only work that continues is the weekly return of a volunteer to cut off any thistles before they […]

Pond Lye SNCI Meadow Improvements Continue

Work to improve the meadow at Pond Lye SNCI is continuing. Having completed the brush clearance to expose the meadow to its original boundaries we are now concentrating our attention on improving its quality. This will hopefully allow the return of the distinctive flora species that existed when it was awarded SNCI status in 1992. Volunteers have been […]

Group Countryside Fund Raising Day

The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group held a fund raising open day in an area of countryside in Sayers Common on 6th May with the kind permission of the landowners. The day was exceptionally warm, the bluebells in the woodland were at their best and the refreshments provided afterwards by the owners were excellent. Many people attended and […]

More Woodlands Investigated For Dormice

Our group is progressively investigating all local woodlands to discover whether they have a dormouse presence. This was started many years ago and has been progressing each year with a further one or two woodlands annually having temporary dormouse tubes fitted. Where a presence is found permanent boxes will be fitted. This year, having fitted some […]

Dormouse Boxes Erected

Following the discovery of a dormouse presence in local woodlands as a result of an investigation using dormouse tubes, permanent wooden boxes have been fitted. This investigation has been going on for many years to establish how many of our local woodlands still retain a dormouse population as the species is in serious decline. They mostly now only exist in […]