Continuing Dormouse Investigation

Every month between April and November we check all the dormouse presence investigation tubes that we have installed in local woodlands. This is an activity that has to be slotted into our calendar of conservation initiatives. Progressively all woodlands will be checked. The late August investigation did not reveal any definitive signs of dormice but many […]

2018 Public Talk Success

Fred Hageneder delivered an excellent talk entitled ‘Wonders of Yew’ at the public talk hosted by The Woodland, Flora & Fauna Group on 23rd August. It was to an audience of 200 people and was very well received. The evening was further enhanced by his melodic harp music delivered in the interval. Overall the event […]

Barn Owl Conservation Success

This year has proved a resounding success for our barn owl conservation area with more young found in our boxes than ever before. Each summer when the time is right, our specialist licenced team visit all boxes to establish which ones have young in and then revisit all of these later to ring and record the occupants. This year we have recorded […]

Pond Lye SNCI Summer Recess

Our work at Pond Lye SNCI has currently ceased to allow the meadow and it’s indigenous wildlife to flourish during the summer months. This has resulted in a magnificent floral display from the species that exist there. The only work that continues is the weekly return of a volunteer to cut off any thistles before they […]